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About us

The establishment of lydite fence can be traced back to 2000.The company and the well-known ranch brand company in New Zealand, the birthplace of the global electronic fence, jointly developed and produced electronic fence tightener, pig tail post and other accessories.New Zealand is located in the southern hemisphere, with little temperature difference in four seasons, abundant rain and sufficient sunshine.The grassland area is vast, and the agriculture, livestock and animal husbandry are very developed. Natural pastures or farms account for half of the land area.Therefore, there is a great demand for electronic fence accessories in New Zealand, and the requirements for product quality are very high.It is necessary to have the characteristics of rain corrosion resistance, sunlight oxidation resistance, environmental protection and durability.


After that, the company cooperated with Albert kerbl GmbH,a German animal husbandry product manufacturer and distributor,to develop a series of fence tester products: neon tester and digital fence tester.The company adheres to customer demand-oriented, product quality as the core, excellent service as the purpose, hard work as the target. It has become a long-term partner of German kerbl group.


On the electronic fence power supply product,Solar electric fence energizer, AC energizer and DC energizerhave been developed.In terms of product research and development, the technology has been constantly updated,and an electronic fence power supply with remote control has been successfully developed, which is convenient for large farmers to understand the situation of farm fence from a long distance and in real time.


The energizer we developed has the following performance:

 图层 12.pngSafety, reliability and high performance

 图层 12.pngHigh efficiency (= low power consumption)

 图层 12.pngVariable power supply

 图层 12.pngFence, grounding, circuit and battery inspection

The safety of the energizer is particularly important.The company will test regularly according to the needs of customers and strive to meet the standards of various countries or enterprises.Lydite fence must be a trusted and reliable partner in the security of electronic fence.


After 20 years of technological innovation and precipitation,the company has complied with the market demand,continuously enriched the product categories,and continuously updated and iterated the products of various categories,making the products simpler and more practical in operation and use.

At present,the company's products have covered the whole category of electric fence accessories,including 11 categories and more than 400 varieties:
electric fence energizer, fence tester, wire tensioner, fence gate handle, fence post, fence insulator, fence reel, fence wire, fence hardware tools,and fence net.Among them,the technology of energizer,fence net and fence post is mature and the product quality is stable.It has become the key product of the company and the professional product in the industry.

With the continuous development of the company's business,the company's business has spread over more than 50 countries and regions at home and abroad, including the United States, Britain, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Japan, South Korea, China, etc.


The company will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of rooted in the market, customer first, innovation and efficiency, constantly study the market, update products, strive to become an expert in the farm fence industry and build a world brand of lydite fence.

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