LFL200L 2J 40km AC Fence Energizer

Lydite LFL200L  AC power fence energizer

An energizer kit that runs off of 110V (plug-in) power.Plug the unit in at an outlet and carry the power to the fence via the insulated cable.
A 110v AC electric fence energizer used mostly to keep out deer raccoons and rabbits from garden/orchard areas.It is also used to keep in poultry cattle sheep goats horses and guard dogs.Effective at protecting against coyotes stray dogs bear and fox.
The LFL200L  AC fence energizer is a device that takes in electrical energy from an outside source.And then pushes the energy out through the positive fence terminal in very brief high-voltage high-amperage pulses.The negative ground terminal absorbs any excess pulse energy back into the energizer.An output voltage of 8500 voltsand 2 joules of shock power means this energizer is suitable for short fences up to 40 km in length without any vegetation.
  8500V and 2 J
 Fence up to 40 km without vegetation
  Effective 100km² 
 1 year warranty

Recommended for:
Fence up to 40 km without vegetation
Mobile use
Can be used for varieties of animals
Horsesponies cattle deer sheep goats pigs poultry
Flame-retardant  ABS
Special features:
Carrying handle for mobile use
Indicator LED for energizer status
1 x Lydite LFL200L AC fence energizer
1 x Manual
AC Model          
LFL500-1 LFL450-1 LFL200-1 LFL120-1 LFL110-1 LFL105-1 LFL101-1
Distance Range
80 miles / 250 acres
75 miles / 180 acres 50 miles / 165 acres 15 miles / 60 acres 10 miles / 40 acres 5 miles / 20 acres
2 miles / 8 acres
Peak Output 
(Up To)
6.7 J 4.5 J 2.0 J 0.5 J 0.3 J 0.2 J 0.1 J
Peak Stored
(Up To)
9.9 J 6.8 J 3.0 J 0.85 J 0.49 J 0.32 J 0.16 J
Output Voltage
(Up To)
10.2 kV MAX 
7.0 kV @ 500 Ω
10kV MAX
6.5 kV @ 500 Ω
9.6kV MAX
5.7 kV @ 500 Ω
10.0 kV MAX 
4.8 kV @ 500 Ω
5.1 kV MAX 
3.5 kV @ 500 Ω
5.1 kV MAX
3.2 kV @ 500 Ω
5 kV MAX
2.8 kV @ 500 Ω


Effective square 100 km²
Effective length 40 km
Dellvered power Vacuum 4 Joules
Power output at 500 ohms 2 Joules
Power supply 230 volts 50Hz
Voltage Vacuum 8500 volts